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Grandmaster Amy Reed's

Black Belt Academy

1990-B SE Federal Highway Stuart, FL 34994


Welcome to Our Martial Arts School

Welcome to Grandmaster Amy Reed's Black Belt Academy! We're glad you're here checking out our self-defense classes in Stuart. Below, you will find information about our martial arts class offerings, as well as a link to online karate training that is also available. If you are already a member of our martial arts school, click on the "Member Portal" page to access your account details or to set up a private karate lesson with Grandmaster Reed. If you are not yet a member and prefer to talk to a human being, go to the "Contact Us" page to find out how to send us a text, email, or phone call. You can also simply stop by our karate school, and we will be happy to help you in any way we can. We look forward to meeting you and teaching you valuable self-defense skills!

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Why Choose Us?

The Oh Ryung Hon (pronounced O-young-hone) style of Taekwondo is taught at our martial arts school to students of all ages. This style of self-defense incorporates a mix of different styles of martial arts for a balanced arsenal of defense. The development of life skills, such as stress management, self esteem, focus, and self-discipline, help our students achieve their personal goals both inside and outside of the dojo. This Taekwondo class includes exercises that not only teach our students how to defend themselves, but they also lead to improved fitness, weight loss, muscle conditioning, improved flexibility, and cardiovascular condition. Check out our website for more information, and sign up today!

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  1. I know I can do anything

    Master Reed,  Thank you for all you have done for me thru the many years of my training.  I know I can do anything and achieve any goal I want to because of what I have learned with you!  I know there will always be more to learn and I look forward to the continued journey as a Black Belt and Instructor now!  I remember when I first joined as a little kid and how scared I was.   I am glad that you never let me quit even when I was ready to give up.  I am so proud of myself and thank full to you and my parents for making this all possible for me.”

    From a “Little Dragon” to Adult Instructor classes now!

    Chauntel Davis (newly appointed Sensei)

Ages 3-6 — The Little Dragons have their own karate classes, as their motor skills develop at a different rate than that of our Karate Kids and adult students.

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Ages 7-13 — The Karate Kids work more advanced self-defense concepts and karate skills as we get them prepared for a confrontation that we hope never happens.

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Ages 14 & Up — The Adults in our self-defense classes get an overall body workout along with their martial arts training that keeps them flexible and in shape.

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Rear-naked Choke Hold Tutorial

Self defense, safety awareness, and life skills are emphasized over competition in all of our martial arts classes at Grandmaster Amy Reed's Black Belt Academy. Our mission is to provide all of our students with the tools they need to lead safe and productive lives, as well as give them the knowledge of how to use these tools most effectively to reach their individual goals.

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