There are countless benefits to children learning martial arts at a young age, and one of them is the self-discipline that they’ll be exposed to and challenged to learn. Discipline is a huge part of the foundation and history of martial arts, so it’s something that you can guarantee you’ll see when your child attends Master Amy Reed’s Black Belt Academy

In today’s blog post, we are going to go over a few of the benefits to children being introduced to self-discipline early on. Let’s get started. 

Hard Work

Martial arts challenges children to build strength, work on balance, learn new movements, and so much more. One of the many things that we teach students is that it requires self-discipline to really improve at any given skill. If they want to perfect a kick, they’re going to need to show self-discipline by showing up to class regularly and on time. They’re also going to need to have self-discipline with practice in and out of class. When the desire to grow is strong enough, the self-discipline will always be there.


There’s no doubt about it, respect is something that you definitely want your child to understand early on. At Master Amy Reed’s Black Belt Academy, we believe that respect and self-discipline go hand-in-hand in more ways than one, but there are some direct ways that they work together in the classroom. 

For starters, students are going to learn about respecting their instructors and superiors. These individuals have been practicing martial arts for far more years, some for decades, and their extensive knowledge is something that your child will be able to learn from. We thoroughly explain the process of getting to higher belt levels and becoming an instructor so that young students understand just how much work and time goes into it. Putting this into perspective helps children understand why it is that they respect their instructors and often transfers to roles outside of the martial arts studio.

Drive and Motivation

Motivation and drive are two things that the majority of us will struggle with on any given day. This is yet another reason that we love being able to teach self-discipline to children. Drive and motivation may not translate directly to self-discipline, but when a child understands what it truly means to have self-discipline with something, they can find the motivation and drive needed to complete any task that comes their way. This is something that they’ll be able to take advantage of for the rest of their life, which is all the more reason to introduce it to children early on!

Visit Master Amy Reed’s Black Belt Academy

Master Amy Reed has dedicated a portion of her life to earning her black belt and teaching young martial arts students about what self-discipline is and how it can help them in life. If you’re looking for an incredible way for your child to not only stay physically active, but to also develop mentally in more ways than one, it’s time to stop by our martial arts studio. Take a minute and browse the different martial arts programs that we have available, and contact our studio to enroll today!