When you’re looking for a fun way to stay healthy, you can’t go wrong with martial arts. This competitive sport is incredibly challenging and has countless health benefits associated with it. In today’s blog, the team at Master Amy Reed’s Black Belt Academy is going to go over a few of the different health benefits that you can enjoy when you start signing up for the martial arts programs that we offer here in Stuart. Let’s get started. 

Plenty of Cardio

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or you simply want to get some more cardio into your workout regimen, martial arts is a great option to take advantage of, especially if you’re not a fan of hours on the treadmill. All too often people think that cardio is going to require you to do one activity for hours on end, but there are other ways to work your cardiovascular systems. Martial arts is fast beat and keeps you moving throughout the class so, while it doesn’t feel like it, you’re actually doing quite a bit of cardio!

Tone Muscles

Another thing that many of us want to see in a workout is the opportunity to tone muscles. With that being said, lifting weights can be incredibly intimidating if you’ve never done it before. The good news is, toning muscles can happen in a few different ways, and one of those ways is through martial arts classes. While you won’t be picking up weights, you will be using a variety of muscles throughout the class. The repetitive movements of martial arts will slowly tone your muscles and help them develop, so while it’s not your typical strength training workout, it can yield very similar results.


A health benefit that many are unaware of in regards to martial arts is flexibility. This is a highly competitive sport, and it’s been practiced for years as a form of self-defense, so how could it possibly help with your flexibility levels? The truth is, stretching is something that we take very seriously in our academy. Not only does it promote healthy muscles, but stretching helps our students learn new moves and do them correctly. The fluidity of the routines that you’ll learn in class are going to challenge your flexibility, and with the amount of time that you’ll spend practicing these moves, you’ll see a significant change in your flexibility levels. 

Enroll in a Martial Arts Program Today

There are countless health benefits associated with martial arts, and in today’s blog, we’ve only just mentioned three of them. In the first few months of participating in a martial arts class, you’ll see some of the ways that your body changes, but after a lifetime of practicing martial arts, you will be able to list countless health benefits of this sport.

If you’re intrigued by the various health benefits of joining a martial arts program, don’t wait any longer. Master Amy Reed’s Black Belt Academy is always welcoming new students of all ages. Take a minute and learn more about the various martial art programs that we have available, and contact our team to enroll in the program of your choosing or with any questions that you have. We are always more than happy to help you!