Master Amy Reed’s Black Belt Academy is a family oriented Tae Kwon Do facility that trains a person to be not only a talented martial artist, but a wonderful person as well. With a new power word each month, you (or your child) will learn patience, responsibility, fairness, and many other character building traits. Master Reed has more honor and integrity than anyone I know, and Sensei Reed is energetic, encouraging, and efficient. Each instructor is helpful and knowledgeable, and their uniqueness allows for a completely thorough learning experience. My son has gained confidence, personal dignity, and self-respect since beginning classes here, and after his first testing, I was so moved by his experience that I signed up for classes myself. The open schedule allows for us to take classes together on Family Training night as well as separately in order for us to get instruction according to our age-specific needs. This schedule also allows for even the busiest family to attend classes. The environment is clean, well-lit, and friendly, and Master Reed has often given up personal gain in order to maintain a harmonious, peaceful environment conducive to learning. Of this, I am thankful, as my son now thinks of the dojo as another home full of friends and role models for whom I am grateful are in his life. And as a person who is always striving to better herself in every attribute possible, I find my instructors role models as well, and I am proud to wear our uniform.


~Jamie Saunders